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About KoTC

Post by kenai on Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:24 am


The Keepers of The Covenant has a simple government where the Triumvirate or Hierarchs rule over The Covenant. Each Hierarch takes control of each department of KoTC; Foreign Affairs, Military Affairs and Internal Affairs. So not only do the Hierarchs make important decisions, they run each aspect of the alliance.

Some tasks require more hands than one Hierarch, so the Hierarchs employ the aid of Overseers in running the alliance. An Overseer is a trusted member who helps the Hierarchs with tasks they are given. However Overseers have no official say in alliance decisions, this is helps in stream-lining decision making. Instead Overseers are privy to information not usually released to standard members so they can express their opinions more effectively.


The Keepers of The Covenant developed as a break away from the Global Defence Initiative. On January 30th 2009, internal and external pressures of GDI forced the premature exodus from the alliance. This left KoTC incomplete and without protection, at risk of any raider or person seeking revenge. The former GDI members had a tight friendship with the Brotherhood of Nod, even when their leader had another opinion. Once KoTC founded Nod posted its immediate Declaration of Support, temporarily offering military aid until KoTC was on its feet.

Several days later KoTC walked into the IRC pub and met LoSS. After a few drinks KoTC slipped some roofies into LoSS's drink then gave her a lift home and took advantage of her while she was drunk. On February 10th 2009 LoSS announced its new Protectorate. Its been a beautiful relationship ever since.


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Re: About KoTC

Post by EmperorDhruv on Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:44 pm

Lol took advantage? hahaha nicely done.


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