Writ of Union (KoTC Charter)

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Writ of Union (KoTC Charter)

Post by kenai on Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:49 am

The Keepers of The Covenant Charter and Declaration of Existence

Preamble: We the Keepers of The Covenant, hereby establish this alliance for the betterment of ourselves and those we choose to involve ourselves with.

Section 1: The High Council

*1.1 The Keepers of The Covenant (KoTC) is lead by three individuals: The Prophet of Truth, The Prophet of Mercy, and The Prophet of Regret.

*1.2 The High Prophet of Truth-  Truth is the spokesperson for the KoTC, acting as one of the High Council and also as the head of Foreign Affairs. His job is to represent The Keepers of the Covenant in public. All treaties and terminations of treaties must be signed by Truth (general assemblies may nullify this clause).

*1.3 The High Prophet of Mercy- Mercy is the executive of all internal affairs. Tech deals, money distribution, and general trade must be approved by him, as well as any new memberships or selections of positions (general assemblies may nullify this clause).

*1.4 The High Prophet of Regret- Regret is the Commanding General of the KoTC. All Declarations of War must be signed and agreed to by Regret (general assemblies may nullify this clause).

*1.5 Each High Prophet is entitled to a main assistant (called an Acolyte of ...) who is chosen by the respective Prophet. The assistant will be publicly acknowledged, and will retain the duties and responsibilities of the Prophet if he/she is not available for an extended amount of time. The assistant can be dismissed for any reason at any time. The Acolyte may be a member of the Council, but all nominated Acolytes must be accepted after a majority consensus of the Council.

1.6 Impeachment of any High Prophet is a very long process, and requires both of the other High Prophet’s agreement, as well as a trial headed by a KoTC member agreed upon by all three Prophets.

1.7 In the case of retirement for any High Prophet, the Acolyte is promoted to the Prophet’s office.

*1.8 The High Prophets are given one vote each for all assemblies.

Section 2: Military

*2.1 All Military personnel must be active in their respective fighting groups. Groups consist of:

Grunts: NS of 4000 and lower.
Jackals: NS of 4000 –9000.
Brutes: 9000-15000.
Elites: 15000-24000
Hunters: 24k+.

*2.2 Raiding:
All member nations that request rights to raid a target must get approval from a higher authority (the prophet of Regret) and must meet the following three points:
1) The target must be 10 or more days inactive.
2) The target must not be aligned.
3) The target must be given 24 hrs notice before declaration to prevent war with a back collecting nation.

2.3 If the defending nation responds to the 24 hrs notice, the raid will be canceled.

2.4 The Prophet of Regret May amend this section without the normal consensus of the High Council.

Section 3: Membership/Rights

3.1 All people wishing with gain admittance into our Covenant must first register on the forums located here. Applications will be reviewed and accepted according to the background of the applicant as well as their merit and qualification as seen fit by The Prophets.

3.11 All accepted members must change their alliance affiliation to “Keepers of The Covenant”.

*3.12 All accepted members must change their alliance team colors to purple.

*3.2 Termination of membership must be approved by the Prophet of Mercy (general Assemblies may nullify this clause), but every member is entitled to the following rights:

1) The right to exist on planet Bob.
2) The right to exercise sole dominion over their nation.
3) The right to trial by jury.
4) The right to be free from any prejudices.
5) The right to Habeas Corpus.

3.3 Trials shall be administered by the Prophet of Mercy. However, the final verdict is decided by a jury of 7 members appointed by Mercy.

3.4 All members are required to post often in the forums, or risk being reprimanded by the High Council.

*3.5 All members have a right to run for office.

Section 4: Amendment Process

*[s]4.1 The charter may be amended at any time as long as all three prophets give consent.[/s]

4.2 The date, as well as all signatories for each new amendment must be recorded.

*4.3 After being put into affect, the updated charter will require at least twenty votes in a general assembly in order to be amended again.

Section 5: Amendments

5.1* Concerning articles 2.1 and 2.2. Amendment drafted on February 8th, 2009.

5.2* Concerning article 3.12. Amendment drafted and passed on February 8th, 2009.

5.3* Concerning articles 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8 Section 6, 3.2, 3.5, 4.1, and 4.3. Amendment drafted on June 3rd, 2009 and passed June 5th, 2009.

5.4* Concerning Section 7. Amendment drafted July 22, 2009 and passed on July 29, 2009.
5.5* Concerning section 6 and renaming of section 7.  Amendment passed on Febuary 2, 2010

[s]*Section 6: The Council

6.1 The Council's responsibilities are to be determined by the Speaker, who receives his orders from either an assembly or from a hierarch.

6.2 The Council consists of five members:

Prophet of Disdain (Deputy of Defence)
Prophet of Restraint (Minister of Education)
Prophet of Obligation (Minister of Recruitment
Prophet of Supposition (Minister of SpecOps)
Prophet of Possession (Minister of Tech & Trade)

6.3 The Council's purpose is to govern individual department while presenting a fair voting system. These votes count for general assemblies (Majority council votes = 3 overall points).

6.35 All Council Prophets retain their positions for two months.

[s]6.4 The Prophets of Disdain and Restraint are allowed two votes in all assemblies, while the Prophets of Obligation, Supposition and Possession are given three votes in all assemblies.

6.5 After each new shuffle of Prophets the High Council is called to elect a Speaker among the Council. The Speaker is the figurehead of the Council and will be privy to all secret information and planning by the High Council. He/She is the communicator between Councils.

6.55 The Speaker is given the special power of casting the tie-breaking vote in the event of a tie at a general assemblies.

6.6 Impeachment of a Council Prophet must be initiated and agreed to by the Speaker. The Speaker will choose three members (must not be Prophets) in order to judge each case.

6.65 In the event that charges are brought against the speaker, it is the discretion of the Council to reprimand him. Majority decisions will revoke his position, and then impeachment processes will be dealt with as usual.

6.7 Powers: The purpose of the Council is to balance a democratic and Triumvirate government in KoTC. Therefore the Speaker will be given powers to call general assemblies. These assemblies are votes that can:

A Call a vote to go to war.
B Call a vote to create a treaty.
C Call a vote to terminate a treaty.
D Call a vote to retire a Hierarch.
E Call a vote to install a Hierarch (As long as there is no respective Acolyte Present).
F Call a vote to terminate a member (a trial is necessary).
G Call a vote to amend the charter.
H Call a vote to retire a Prophet.[/s]

Section 6: Ghost Handling Protocol:

*6.1 Definition

A Ghost is regarded as anyone who flies the Keepers of the Convent's(KoTC) Alliance affiliation(AA) without being a member of KoTC.
A Rouge Ghost is regarded as any nation who is a  Ghost and who has attacked another nation. see Section IV.
The Prophet of Mercy(PoIA) is in-charge of Ghosts unless they are a special situation. see Section IV

*6.2 Establishing Contact

Before KoTC will go to war with a Ghost they must first attempt to establish contact with him, a message is to be dispatched from the Prophet of Mercy informing the ghost that he or she is to apply, and join KoTC or change his or her Alliance Affiliation to something else and that he has 48 hours to apply or be attacked. The Prophet of Mercy is to inform the Prophet of Regret(Miltary Commander).

*6.3 Attacking the Ghost

If the Ghost doesn't comply within the 48 hour period, the PoIA is to inform the PoW, who is in-charge of extermination the Ghost.

*6.4 Rogue Ghosts

Rogue Ghosts are to be handled as other Ghosts unless they are attacking an aligned nation in which case they are a special situation. The Prophet of Mercy must follow section III; however, the ghost only has 24 hours to cooperate, He must also inform the Prophet of Truth who is to inform the alliance being attacked that  it was a ghost who has attacked their nation and that the alliance can do what ever they want to the nation. Only if the Alliance decides to let KoTC deal with the Rouge Ghost[/b] will KoTC attack it.


, High Prophet of Mercy

Kenai, High Prophet of Truth

EmperorDhruv, High Prophet of Regret


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