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Registered Tech Dealers

Post by Guppy on Wed May 12, 2010 12:59 pm

Alliance Name: First Earth Battalion
Forum link:
Nation link:
Nation Ruler: Guppy
buyer and seller list:

1) The British Kingdom (Guppy)
2) Dumbarton (vladimer)
3) The Union of Kleptomania (Yournamehere)
4) Scottish Communist (The Falcon)
5) New CCCP (Premier Sean)
6) LandofFire (Sasuke Smith)
7) Quetzemuela (Red Leader Zala)
8. The Land of the Bint (Bint14)
9) LIDIA (Croisos)
10) Land of the 133t (XeroG)
11) Planet Zebes (Samus123)
12) The Dread Empire (DreadGrunt)
13) MonkeyMan (jcbmain)
14) Regnum Mortui (Rawkhawk64)


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