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Registration Format

Post by kenai on Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:07 pm

Registration Format

In order to register we require you to have your username the same as your Cybernations username. Please click Register in the navbar and create your own forum account.

To apply to this alliance, please fill out the following application as a new post in this Forum.

Before your application can be accepted, your must have your team colour set to "Purple"

Nation Link:
Past Alliances (if applicable):
Reasons for leaving past alliance:
Nation Stength:
Am i at War:
Do you agree to the KoTC Charter:
Who recruited you to KoTC:

Please title the post as your Nation leader and Ruler name (Ruler name of Nation name, applies to KotC)

Thank you! Please be patient as we respond to all requests.

- Lenahan
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